Missing in Action

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I’ve really been “Missing In Action” the past month, and do apologize for it! It is quite disheartening actually, to be honest. I started this blog with the grand ambition of being able to write good content that is close to my heart. However, I’ve allowed myself to be stopped by the “difficulties” of technology, not knowing how to upload my own wordpress template etc. Even the URL sproutingout.com is starting to sound distasteful to me! Why oh why!

I’m letting details get to me. I can’t decide whether I should have my own name as the URL, like how Guy Kawasaki does it, or to have an annonymous URL like how http://www.theyoungbusinessman.com OR http://www.youngupstarts.com does it. IT’S SUCH A MINOR ISSUE! actually it makes more sense for me NOT to include my name, since I am still a nobody. But what if i do become somebody? Then again…the owner of ducttapmarketing.com didn’t become popular until the concept of his ducttape marketing took rage.

I WILL DO SOMETHING SOON. I PROMISE. Am facing so many family, financial and business stress right now, that….it is really starting to take its toll on this 19-year old’s head and body.

Seeyou again (to whoever the minority that is reading this) (:

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Entrepreneurship: the infectious disease

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I recall the days i told my mum I wish to one day own a international business. She reprimanded me and said the classic line in “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. She scolded be for being unrealistic, and told me to study properly (which she knew i could) and get a high paying managerial job. How classic.

But 2 years forward, things changed in my family, and we are “sorta” forced to pursue the entrepreneurial track. While it was to my 2nd sis’ dismay, I have been secretly very happy about it!

Now, my eldest sister who is currently in her 4th year medical school in UNSW is catching on the entrepreneurial disease as well. She keeps emailing me her business ideas. Looks like the entrepreneurial dream is indeed infectious 😉

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Singapore falls to 3rd Place in competitiveness study

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Singapore has dropped one rung to third in the latest world competitiveness rankings by Swiss Business School IMD, behind the United States and Hong Kong. But it also emerges as one of the “fittest” and most resilient economies in a new “stress test” of which countries are likely to fare best in the global recession.

Wonder what the officers at MTI (Ministry of Trade and Industry) are doing now. haha

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Business model innovation – the more important factor?

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I’m just starting out on reading blogs on entrepreneurship, technology etc etc. I keep reading on new social networking programmes, new green technologies, new interactive digital media technologies etc etc. I can’t help but wonder…why is there little talk on new business models arising? I might be ignorant, but to me, many of the hyped-up social networking site bank on advertising revenue as their business model. The furthest they have gone in being innovative is to have targeted advertisements featured to each user. However, with many of us becoming internet savvy, we all know that these adverts are simply spam, and consumers are starting to lose interests. *Disclaimer: these are not based on any statistics whatsoever, and are purely just my personal observation.

Well i guess Twitter has showed some kind of “business model innovation”. Microblogging is not a radical new form of innovation. It has been around in many other social sites, as just one of the many features in these sites (facebook for example). However, they got it right by focusing on only microblogging. Aggregation took place, and the Twitter craze is now at an insane level.

Perhaps Twitter is one of the few” social networking” sites that demonstrates business model innovation, and this might lead to higher *kaching $*. Twitter recently released its Beta version of ExecTweets – a twitter aggregation site for business leaders.

To read more  on this (written by the pro), go to business model
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